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6 Sample Service Receipt: Finding the Appropriate Template

Have you recognized about sample service receipt? If you have not known it yet, please give your best attention to this receipt. Exactly, a service receipt is usually used by many businessmen that help the customers providing a variety of items in this template. Besides, this template also offers a suitable and right receipt after giving the needed service by the client. Well, in this printable service receipt template, you will get to know some samples that you can apply.

Receipt For Child Care Service PDF 1

Twelve Examples of Sample Service Receipt

There are twelve kinds of service receipts that you can know. Do you have to want to know them? Just follow this information well!

  1. The template of childcare services

This receipt is used for children. There are the date, amount, received from, child’s name, services from, and provider’s signature.

  1. The template of service receipt

There will be information about the company and customer, description, quantity, unit price, and unit total.

  1. The template of cleaning service

This service receipt template provides client name, hours, area cleaned, hourly rate, and total.

  1. The template of goods or services

It shows the receipt for goods or services. It covers to date, description, and amount.

  1. The template of computer service

This example includes service, computer model, description, quantity, unit price, and total.

  1. The template of free service receipt

In this format, there are the date, item, hours, rate, and total.

  1. The template of service charge

What about this receipt? It covers service charge summary, mice charge summary, and reagents charge summary and total charge.

  1. The template of truck service

This receipt format shows you tow truck service receipt. Besides, there is a description of disabled vehicles and the schedule of towing fees.

  1. The template of services rendered

This example shows you the invoice for services rendered. There are service provider name and signature, date, course, service provided, time interval, and hours worked.

Receipt for Services Rendered Word 1

  1. The template of lawn service

This service receipt template sample includes invoice number, date, item, price, and total.

  1. The sample of childcare service

It covers some elements like date, amount, received from, child’s name, and provider’s signature.

  1. The template of hourly service

This example provides the company name and address, the customer’s information, invoice number, date, description, hours, rate, amount, and total.

Two Benefits of Using Service Template

When you apply the template of service receipt, you will get two benefits. What are they? Here are available for you.

  1. Make a unique receipt

It is the first benefit that you can get if you use this service template. Having it will help businessmen to create their unique receipt. It is, of course, related to the services that they offer.

  1. Can be a reference

The samples of this receipt template can be used by many businessmen as a basis for reference. Usually, they will use it to make a new one so that it will be more creative.

Service Charge Sample Receipt

Well, those are the information about the service receipt template printable. You are allowed to choose one of the samples that you need.

Sample Service Receipt Template

Computer Service Receipt Word 1 Hourly Service Receipt Word 1 Printable Truck Service Receipt PDF 1

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