11+ Simple Budget Sample Template

11 Simple Budget Template: Apply the Sample to Use Money Well

Exactly, you should make a plan in the simple budget template. The reason is that it is one of the best ways to use money correctly and wisely. Then, even though the drafting process is easy to do, you should include the basics component. Thus, in this printable simple budget template, you will find some kinds that you can use. Besides, you can also know some components that should be available in each kind.

Simple Budget Template worksheet Excel Format

Eleven Kinds of Simple Budget Template

In this template, you will find eleven kinds of simple budget. Are you curious about them? If it is so, please follow these kinds carefully!

  • The budget template of simple monthly

This kind of template offers you a worksheet with two pages. Hence, you are allowed to write all the information that is related to the budget easily. It means saving, food, home, utilities, entertainment, and others.

Simple Budget Worksheet PDF

  • The template of bill tracker

Then, what about this one? This sample simple budget template can help you to record off all the bills that you have to pay. Thus, you are allowed to pay the bills before the due date. Eventually, this template is available in different columns. It can be for sorting the information such as bills to pay, due date, and all month’s name.

Simple Business Budget Template Word Format

  • The budget of simple planner

When you use this simple budget, you will feel very easy to use. Why can it be like that? It is because, in this template, you will find various columns that can be used to write the information. It can be the budget, expenses, and actual. Besides, there are also separate columns that are usually used to write income and notes.

Simple Family Budget Template PDF

  • The budget template of personal planner

Here, you will see some components like category, budget, actual, difference, and notes. There are also income, bills, expenses, savings, and remaining.

Simple Household Budget Template PDF Format

  • The budget example of simple worksheet

It will show you income, expenses, and bottom line. The expenses include housing, transportation, utilities, groceries, medical, subscriptions, dining, travel, entertainment, debt payments, savings, and others.

Simple Monthly Budget PDF

  • The worksheet template of simple budget

It is available in Excel format. This template covers the income and expenses. Income includes taking home pay like wages and additional income like side business and interest. Meanwhile, the expenses are such as housing, transportation, custom, etc.

Simple Monthly budget Template

  • The budget template of simple household

This simple budget template sample shows the income in the household budget planner. For example is wages, income support, working tax credit, pension, and other.

Simple Bill Tracker Template

  • The template of free simple budget

This monthly budget provides expense, budget, and actual. The expense is like groceries, entertainment, rent, internet, phones, etc.

Simple Budget Planner PDF

  • The budget template of simple business

It is available in Word format. It covers some categories, budget amount, actual amount, difference, income, and expenses.

  • The budget sample of simple monthly

There are income and expenses in this sample. Besides, you will find the components of category, monthly budget, actual amount, difference, salary, required expenses, and utilities.

Simple Budget Planner

  • The budget sample PDF of simple planner

This kind of template offers monthly income and monthly expenses. For income, there is income from, extraordinary income, and social security benefits.

Five Benefits of Making the Template of Simple Budget

There are five benefits of this template that you can get. Here are they.

  1. Help to identify and control the irrelevant expenses
  2. Save money easily by decreasing expenses
  3. Plan the financial based on the budget
  4. Keep track the income
  5. Draft the budget

Simple Budget Template Printable

Well, it is more information about the simple budget template printable that you can know. Please understand it well!

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