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14 Software Inventory Template: Play the Significant Role in IT Services

Well, what do you know about the software inventory template? Exactly, it has the main impact on the services of IT. It can effectively show the software system. In this case, you have to record because there are so many particular systems of software. To save it, you are suggested to apply the printable software inventory template. In this following information, you will know some kinds of this template. You can select it based on your business need.

Desktop Computer Inventory In Excel1 1

Fourteen Kinds of Software Inventory Template

You should know that this software template has so many kinds that you can choose. So, don’t wait for a long time to check them out clearly!

  1. The template of software test report

This kind of template covers some components like a test case, test purpose, test criteria, overall result, observed results, waiver description, and comments.

Excel Hardware Planning Inventory Sheet

  1. The template of hardware planning

This sheet is an available Excel form. You will find location, hardware description, and manufacturer.

  1. The template of technology assessment software

This sample software inventory template shows the risk assessment scorecard. It is classified into risk and criticality.

  1. The template of software security program policy

In this template sample, you will see IT security policy sections, effective date, last reviewed, and applies to.

  1. The template of sample software report

It covers the defect ID, the description of the defect, test case ID, and originator of the defect.

  1. The template of software project

This free template has some categories like budget, budget status, and budget details.

  1. The template of stock software sample

What about this template? Yea, it is included the stock code, stock description, opening quantity, opening cost, error code, quantity on hand, and average cost.

Microsoft Summery Sheet For Software Inventory Template

  1. The template of software audit tools

This example shows the water balance. There are own sources, water imported, water exported, water supplied, authorized consumption, and water losses.

PDF IT Inventory Template

  1. The template of application software master

In this software inventory template sample, what can you find? They are the system name, tag, and source file.

  1. The template of Microsoft summary sheet

This software sheet provides you some categories like an employee, hardware, CPU, RAM, operating system, and software.

  1. The template of IT inventory

It covers the composition of staff computers like computer name, primary user login, location, IP address, MAC address, model, and make. Besides, there is also the serial number, size of hard drive, amount of RAM, and processor speed.

Sample Software Inventory Report Template

  1. The template of computer software example

This example offers you three components. They are the software program, source, and date implemented.

  1. The template of desktop computer example

It includes the configuration name, description, location of disk image files, antivirus software, operating system, productivity, and web browsers. Besides, you can also find browser plugins, multimedia, utilities, and other programs.

Software Audit Tools Inventory Template for

  1. The template of agency IT asset report

This format covers the aspect of ordered and received. There are the date, order number, vendor, quantity, and backorder.

Five Benefits of Using Software Template

There are five benefits that you can get from using this template. Here are them.

  1. Achieve efficiency and productivity in operations
  2. Minimize inventory costs
  3. Integrate your entire business
  4. Automation of manual tasks
  5. Improved inventory accuracy

Software Inventory Project Templates

Considering the importance of using the software inventory template printable, please apply it as soon as possible. So, you can get some benefits to it.

Software Inventory Sample Template

Software Security Program Policy In Document Software Test Inventory Report Template Stock Inventory Software Template XLS Formate Technology Assessment Software Inventory Data Agency IT Asset Inventory Report Formate In Excel Application Softawre Inventory Master Template Computer Inventory Software Excel File 1

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