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5 Sponsorship Invoice: Choose 6 Template and Practice using 5 Easy Steps

Do you often hold big events involving many sponsor brands inside?? Of course, you never forget on the sponsorship invoice when you make a transaction. Even though, you need to update it in order to impress and appeal to your clients. So, they keep providing to make affair with your company. Hopefully, you do not use a manual way again to prepare because it is outdated and take a long time. Apart from those cases, the sponsorship invoice template differs from the common invoice designs. You must update the way to arrange it too.

Professional Sponsorship Invoice Example

6 Sponsorship Invoice Sample Ideas

Truthfully, what the sponsorship invoice printable is? It includes a legal document working as a receipt for the sponsoring brands of your services. You can find the record of all internal sponsored post and being an evidence of services paid off. The invoice is useful to validate the payment, get simply paid off, and avoid any misconception. Afterward, you need to present the invoice at the time of payment.


Roughly, that is a little bit explanation on the invoice for the sponsor brand. Next, you should see 6 sample sponsorship invoice design such as below:

  1. Printable Sponsorship Invoice Template

Well, it is a template having Pdf and DOCX formats for a neat invoice design. It combines white, black, blue colors on the background. Later, you will start to work from the left side with filling the contact information and other important details. However, you must download the template before editing the content and then it is ready to print or send.

  1. Professional Sponsorship Invoice Example

Okay, find more freedom to download in any format you want. The second template has many version to download such as Ms. Excel, Words, Page, Number, Pdf, and more. Firstly, you need to put your logo on the top right cover before appearing the sponsorship levels. Then, edit the necessary details with your data before printing. Find a checkbox style helps to differentiate your template and to use for multiple purposes.

able Sponsorship Invoice templates

  1. Simple Sponsorship Invoice Template

This simple template, in fact, has numerous features such as available in the US size and A4. Besides that, it comes with a variety of formats, editable, customizable, downloadable, until printable. On the other hands, it appears as the minimalist template design containing all important details of both parties.

  1. Sponsorship Invoice Template Sample

Unique, downloadable, but simple is what you will see here. You are going to find the invoice number on the top right corner and then the separate sections. The sections will use to input contact information, sponsorship description, amount, and the purpose to use.

  1. Modern Sponsorship Invoice Letter

Download this professional modern invoice immediately which is user-friendly and print anytime in various format. You quite edit with entering the amount and the necessary requiring details before delivering to the client.


  1. Sample Sponsorship Invoice Letterhead

Lastly, it is the flexible format template which is easy to edit and printable. It only needs a little bit of modification and provides a blank space to easy payment access.

5 Step to realize your Impressive Invoice Template

The last part is to discuss how to make your invoice printable for your sponsorship brands. Here, what to do:

  • Give your contact information on the template
  • Write the invoice number and the date of issue
  • Add your service description
  • Continue to mention the type of invoice that you use
  • Add the payment terms and methods

Printable Sponsorship Invoice templates

Although the sponsorship invoice letter is different in the making process, it is not difficult to make. Just choose and make your template!

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