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4 Sample Taxi Receipt Template: Trying to Create Based on the Tips

Greatly, the services of taxis are available in the sample taxi receipt template. It is such a document that can be used by the taxi drivers to make an invoice. Then, this invoice will create the entire transaction and contains all the details pertaining. The payment of this service will happen if the passengers reach their destination. Moreover, you need to know that this printable taxi receipt template will be given to the customer based on the fare amount. Well, there are some examples of this template in the following information.

Blank Taxi Receipt Doc 2

Six Kinds of Sample Taxi Receipt Template

Concerning the template of the taxi receipt, you have to know that there will be available for you six samples. To know it more, just pay attention to these samples carefully!

  1. The template of free taxi receipt

Some elements are included in this template. They are a date, time, pick up address, a destination address, driver, and amount.

  1. The example of taxi receipt

How about this taxi receipt template? It covers the components of date, name, price, from, to, driver, and a taxicab.

  1. The template of taxi receipt free download

This format shows you the passenger’s receipt and taxi cab fare. Besides, there are also association name, drivers name, taxi name, and number, business phone, date, fare, other, and total.

Example of a Taxi Receipt

  1. The template of free taxi cab receipt

In this format, you will find receipt, date, fare amount, from, to, and received by. There is also the payment method that is cash or credit card.

  1. The template of blank taxi receipt

It offers some main aspects of the taxi receipt template sample. It is available for the date, cab, driver, from, to, subtotal, tip, and total.

5 Tips to Make a Taxi Receipt Template

In this case, to make this receipt template, you should do these six tips that are related to the format. Here are the simple tips.

  1. The format should be simple

It means that the format of this receipt template should not difficult to make. Thus, it will be understandable by everyone.

  1. Have a good resolution

What can you think about this tip? Yea, the format of this template must be included into a clear and good printouts needs. It is because the template will be given to the passengers or customers.

Printable Tax Receipt PDF 1

  1. Must be fully editable

Exactly, the format of this template must be made fully editable. It indicates that if you make a mistake when making it, you can edit it easily.

  1. Have responsive features

Then, the format of the taxi receipt should have responsive features. It means that this kind of receipt template has many features so that it will be more interesting.

  1. Must be organized

The last tip is that the format of the template must be organized well to look at. Although it looks so simple, it is still well ordered.

Sample Taxi Receipt Template

That’s all about the taxi receipt template printable that you can apply for the kinds. Choose it as you need!

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