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11 Tenant Lease Agreement Templates: Getting to Know the Different Kinds

What can you infer about the tenant lease agreement templates? It can be defined as a written contract to have money transactions in exchange for any property. The parties will make a rule to describe the transaction conditions and agreements clearly. Then, in the printable tenant lease agreement templates, both the parties let the other to control and use their asset. Well, you can find the kinds of this template in the following information.

Printable Tenant Lease Agreement

9 Kinds of the Tenant Lease Agreement Templates

This tenant lease template will provide 9 kinds of agreement templates that you have to recognize. Are you curious about those templates? If it is so, please pay attention carefully to this information below!

  1. The agreement template of summer lease

In this agreement template, there are some main elements. They are the lease terms, rent, security, occupancy and use, utilities, interruption of service, the release of liability, tenant’s property, and parking.

Rental Tenant Agreement

  1. The agreement template of printable tenant lease

This template covers the elements of the parties (landlord and tenant), property, conditions, and security deposit.

  1. The agreement template of residential property lease

This kind of sample tenant lease agreement templates tells the description to the parties and premises, and term and renewal. Besides, there are also the amount and due date of rental payments and late charges, security deposit, and appliances.

Residential Property Lease Agreement

  1. The agreement template residential lease

How about this template? It contains the components of the property address, agreement, date, the parties, summary, additional monies due, premises, term, and rent.

Sample Tenant Lease Agreement

  1. The agreement template of Illinois residential lease

It includes the witnesseth, term, rent, security deposit, use of premises, condition of premises, and assignment and sub-letting.

Standard Tenant Lease Agreement 1

  1. The agreement template of rental tenant

This kind of template has the elements of the parties, premises, act, term, rent, and rental increase.

  1. The agreement template of standard lease

What about this tenant lease agreement templates sample? It will show the lease summary of the landlord, tenant, and leased premises. Then, there are also the agreement, premises, payment, terms, and options to renew.

Standard Lease Agreement

  1. The agreement template of add or remove tenants to lease

It covers the date, tenants, property address, addition of tenants, and removal of existing tenants.

  1. The agreement template of tenant lease example

It shows the components of the term and parties, property rented, common areas, rent, deposits, advance rent, late charges, and security deposit.

Summer Lease Agreement

2 Basic Features to Have a Good Agreement Template of Tenant Lease

If you want to have a good tenant lease agreement, you are suggested to pay attention to these basic features. Greatly, it can be used to safeguard and protect the landlord interests. So, what are those features? Here are the features and just have them!

  1. State the legal recourse

In this feature, you should convince to describe and state all the legal recourse. It is used to protect your property. It may happen since a lease is the only way if you get a problem with the tenant.

Tenant Lease Agreement Example

  1. Check a legal attorney

Then, you have to convince that checking a legal attorney is also important to do. You can do it before finalizing it. It will let you know if you are missing out on something.

Add or Remove Tenants to Lease Agreement

It’s all about the tenant lease agreement templates printable. Just have a nice learn and apply it well!

Sample Tenant Lease Agreement Templates

Illinois Residential Lease Agreement Model Residential Lease Agreement

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