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8 Travel Agency Agreement: A Template to Keep Your Legal Contract

Are you running the business of a travel agency? If you are and you are the travel agent, you certainly need a travel agency agreement. With the printable travel agency agreement, you can easily make a legal contract with a certain tour operator company. Thus, you can get the authority to operate such a business on the behalf. Moreover, the company is possible to give you all rights related to the promotional material and advertisements use. Thus, this template will help you so much to run a business based on the agreement.

Simple Travel Agency Agreement Template

Tips to Mae a Travel Agency Agreement

When you want to make an agreement with the travel agency, you need to consider some important matters. To make it well-ordered, you can follow the tips below. Here we go.

  1. Write the name of both parties

This step is the most important matter to do by all parties if they want to make an agreement. If you are a travel agent, make sure you write your name and the name of the tour operator of a certain company. With it, it can assist both parties to sign on behalf of the business. So, this step is important to do before the two parties sign for any agreement.

Standard Travel Agency Agreement

  1. Specify the agreement purpose

In this step, you need to define the purpose of the agreement with the other party. It can assure that you, as the agent, agree to work on behalf of a certain tour operator company. The work is related to some matters like rooms and transport tickets, booking tickets, and some other things.

Travel Agency Agreement Format

  1. Describe the details of booking and payment terms

By doing this step, it will make everything clear about the booking details that the agent should send to the promoter. You can do it before the final confirmation of both parties written in the travel agency agreement printable.

Travel Agency Agreement Sample

  1. Make a clear agreement about the liabilities and cancellation charges

This way will give an additional explanation when there are bookings cancellations because of the agent. It can explain that the agent will be liable to pay a particular amount of the recovery of the loss he gets. Then, before signing the agreement, the company can also give some additional charges. It can avoid bad matters that may come in the future.

Basic Travel Agency Agreement Template

  1. Bank details and agreement duration of both parties

For every transaction purpose, both parties in the business should mention the bank details in the agreement. Besides, to make sure that the agreement remains valid, both parties should also write the duration of the agreement.

Elegant Travel Agreement Template

The Benefits of Using Sample Travel Agency Agreement

When you use this template, there will be two most significant benefits as follows.

  1. The template is available in PDF

PDF is the easiest format to read using any device. Besides, you can print it out directly after downloading to make a hard copy for both parties while needed.

Printable Travel Agency Agreement

  1. The size of the template is mo more than 1 MB

Some kinds of this template are provided generally no more than 1 MB. So, when you download some samples for future uses, they will not take much space in your device.Professional Travel Agency Agreement


Well, that is all about the travel agency agreement sample you can recognize. Get it here for free whenever you need it.

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