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Travel Agency Invoice Templates: It Informs A Brief Description And Price

Do you run a business? Well, then, you need to prepare for all things including an invoice alone. It is like a kind of professional billing transaction record given to the clients. There are many types of invoice. Travel agency invoices templates must be one of the invoices used for travel agencies’ business. This printable travel agency templates mostly come with pre-designed columns where you can mention all of your services offered. Well, let’s check all favorited travel templates in this following details!

Travel Service Invoice templates

Lists of Easy Travel Invoice Template Ideas

Here are some popular travel agency templates designs which become people’s best recommendation. What are they? Let’s take a look at it below!

  1. Travel Agency Invoice Template

If you look for a travel template which is simple to see, you must choose this design. This standard template uses contrasted dark blue font and text highlight color. Comes in a formal format, this printable invoice stores several details. It includes the service or transportation type, description, amount per passenger, the invoice date, destination, total price, and terms and conditions. It is available in A4 size and US standard letter. Download it in formats of MS Word, MS Excel, Pages, Google Docs, etc.

Air Travel Agency Invoice

  1. Simple Travel Agency Invoice Template

This sample invoice definitely may look simple. However, this design also stores complete information. It requires some details about passenger personal information, the reservation number, supplier, destination, travel type, travel cost, tax, total, etc. These details are divided into two tables and separated columns. This design requires your company details and logo. It comes in different formats of Doc, Excel, Numbers, Pages, etc. It is available in A4 plus US standard language. Same as the first design, it is a bit colorful.

  1. Creative Agency Invoice Template

Do you look for an unusual invoice sample that looks different and catchy? Why don’t you go for this design template? It is a bit colorful, easy, and clear. Moreover, it is understandable. That is because it has neat details like description, quantity, unit price, and price. It surprisingly comes in a red font and text highlighted color, making it catchy. It is also an editable and customizable type of template. You, therefore, are easy to change the information needed.

Sample Travel Agency Invoice templates

  1. Travel and Tourism Invoice Template

Are you looking for a classical travel agency invoice template rather than the modern ones? Let you select this design then. Having no font text color, it still looks cool. It includes complete details, making it becomes useful and well informed. It talks about SNO, description, quantity, unit price, amount, etc. It also prepares for the customer’s signature as a proof which may be useful later. The company logo also exists to promote your business. The payment method and terms and conditions information are well explained.

  1. Service Invoice Template

This commercial travel agency invoice is used not only by the small company but also the big one. The yellowish font color creates such a beautiful design. Comes in blank tables and columns, it is editable and customizable. You may put your information anywhere you think it is best for you. This service template’s free to download in any formats including in Excel, Doc, Numbers, and Pages.

The travel agency invoice template printable is useful for transaction details for both parties. It must come in any design which people will easily understand the billing info.

Travel Agent Commission Invoice templates

The travel agency invoice templates do exist on our website, come in varied and cool designs. Feel free to download one travel agency invoice sample which matches your need most.

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