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4 Vehicle Bill of Sale Templates: Seven Simple Kinds of Vehicle Bill Templates

As you know that vehicle is one of the important things for people in the world. They use it to go anywhere they want. However, if it is broken, you should repair it in the mechanic. After that, he will give you the vehicle bill of sale templates. To know it more, just find the printable vehicle bill of sale templates in this following information!

vhicle bill of sale

Seven Kinds of Vehicle Bill of Sale Templatess

Concerning the sample vehicle bill of sale templates, it is suggested for you to know that there are seven kinds. Are you curious about them? If it is so, just follows these kinds well!

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale Sample

The first kind is named vehicle bill of sale sample. How does it look like? Yea, some important components should be there. They are like date, the undersigned seller, the undersigned buyer, the make of vehicle, model, year, VIN, and mileage. Then, there are also the seller’s info and the buyer’s info. The seller’s and buyer’s info cover name, signature, address, city, state, zip, and phone.

  • CT Vehicle Bill of Sale

The second kind of vehicle bill of sale templates printable is the CT vehicle bill of sale. There is the company name, kind of sale, seller’s info, selling price, purchaser information. Also, there is a description of the motor vehicle, a description of the vessel, certification, and signature. For the seller info, it covers the name, address, and city. Then, for the description of motor vehicle covers make, year, color, model name or number, body style, and vehicle identification number.

bill of sale

  • DMV Bill of Sale

This vehicle bill of sale templates sample has some main components. The first one is the vehicle description. This component includes an identification number, year model, make, license plate, and motorcycle engine. Then, under the first component, there are the seller and buyer info. Each of them covers the name and the address.

  • Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

What about this one? It looks so simple. It only consists of two tables. The first table is for a vehicle identification number, year, make, body style, sale date, and sale payment amount. Besides, there is also the buyer name, mailing address, driver license number, city, date of birth, state, and Zip. Then, the second table covers the seller name, mailing address, signature, driving license number, city, date of birth, state, and Zip.

  • Notice of Vehicle Sale

The fifth printable invoice is named notice of vehicle sale. It consists of three tables. The first one is about the vehicle description. It can be the model, year, make body type, and color. The second one is about the required for a motor vehicle. And the last one is about certification.

motor vehicle bill of sale

  • NY Vehicle Bill of Sale

This sample invoice also looks so simple. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because there are the company name, description of vehicle, terms, and conditions, the seller info, and the buyer info. Furthermore, the seller and buyer info covers name, address, and signature.

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

For this kind of vehicle bill, there is the vehicle information. It includes make, model, year, style, and color. Besides, there are also the odometer reading and the seller registration. Under this table, there are the seller info and the buyer info.

ny vehicle bill of sale

That’s all about kinds of vehicle bill of sale templates that you can see. Just use one of them based on your needs!

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