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8 Vendor Non-Compete Agreement: The Various Forms You Can Choose

Are you looking for a vendor non-compete agreement? If it is true that you need this agreement template, you need to follow this beneficial information about it. Actually, it is a written document that is used to keep the business of the vendor and the manufacturer of a certain product. Thus, the vendors of the products will never tell people and even create the same product. Then, in the printable vendor non-compete agreement, you are suggested to know some different forms of this template. Please follow it well!

Non Compete Agreement Form 1

8 Forms of the Vendor Non-Compete Agreement

This kind of vendor agreement has 8 forms of the templates that you can practice to make. Do you have a desire to know those forms? If it is so, let’s check the forms one by one in clear information!

  1. The agreement template of vendor non-compete and non-solicitation

This agreement template covers the agreement, employee, company, consideration, restrictive covenants, and definitions.

Simple Non Compete Agreement 1

  1. The agreement template of sub-vendor non-compete

This second sample vendor non-compete agreement will tell some important elements. They are date, sub-vendor company, background, client agreement, client, use of this agreement, services to be performed, and compensation to sub-vendor.

Standard Non Compete Agreement

  1. The agreement template of the non-compete form

In this form, you can find the effective date, owner’s name, company name, non-compete covenant, non-solicitation covenant, confidentiality, and entire agreement.

Sub Vendor Non Compete Agreement

  1. The agreement template of simple non-compete

It contains some components that should be available in this template form. Those components are the agreement lists, contractor, Gruber power services, signature, name, title, and date.

Vendor Non Compete Non Solicitation Agreement

  1. The agreement template of business non-compete

You have to now that there will be the elements of the agreement, date, employee company, address, acknowledgment, competition, and confidential information.

Business Non Compete Agreement

  1. The agreement template of standard non-compete

In this vendor non-compete agreement sample, you will know a practical guide of the confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation covenants. The guide is written in a summary form. There is also a confidentiality agreement.

  1. The agreement template of general non-compete

This agreement form contains the main elements. They are effective date, company, the definition of confidential information, definition of proprietary technology, nondisclosure and non-compete obligations, also exclusions from nondisclosure obligations.

General Non Compete Agreement 1

  1. The agreement template of mutual non-compete

In this last template form, you will find the agreement, the party, proprietary information, definition, exclusions, and obligations.

3 Uses of the Agreement Template of Vendor Non-Compete

There are 3 uses of this agreement template that you have to understand. So, what are the uses of it? Here they are.

  1. Precautionary measure

You have to know that this vendor agreement is considered as a precautionary measure that is needed as information. Exactly, it can be shared with other people without knowing it.

  1. Serve a reminder

Greatly, this document template will help you to serve as a reminder to anyone. It can be used to mind the actions and words when they tell something that they should not disclose anyone.

  1. Great help

In this case, this template can help you to plan on making the business based agreements.

Mutual Non Compete Agreement

Those are the information about the vendor non-compete agreement printable that you can learn. Just have great knowledge!

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