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Visual Schedule Template to Help You to Overcome Your Anxiety Problem

Every person must have his or her problem. For example, he gets serious anxiety. Others might have a problem with their memory loss, autism behaviors, etc. If you are those people, you might need a visual schedule template. It is useful for you since it includes pictures, words, objects, or motivation to minimalize your definite behavior problem. This printable visual schedule template might turn into an explanation or a checklist design. Anyway, you can see all kinds of the visual template here on our web for free. Well, let’s check all our schedules in this following detail!

Sample Template Checklist for Visual Schedule

Practical, Useful Visual Schedule Template

Here are several great visual schedule template printable ideas which might match your needs as well.

  1. Visual Schedule Implementation Free Guide
  2. Simple Checklist Visual Schedule
  3. Free Download Sample Visual Template
  4. Preschool Word Visual Schedule Guide
  5. Practical Pdf Visual Schedule Guide For Free
  6. Blank Visual Schedule Printable in iPages
  7. Class Visual Schedule Design in Excel

Sample Template Practical Visual Schedule Guide

All of those designs mentioned have their usages and purposes. The first template, for instance, is the most informative one. It stores information such as a module or visual supports, steps for implementation, etc. Many people also love the number two schedule because it is simple, useful, and clear. It uses a table and columns to explain the visual details. If you look for the innovative one, you could prefer the third or the fourth selection. It adds pictures, font and text highlighted color, and also word art. Therefore, it looks catchy and colorful. For a specific purpose, you might go for the last number. Usually, it is used for school needs.

Those seven templates above are available in the US standard language with A4 size. Most of the sample visual schedule template will be available in Word but some also exist in other formats, too. It includes MS Excel, Pdf, Numbers, Google Docs, Pages, etc.

Kinds of Different Visual Schedule

If you are going to create a DIY visual schedule, you must know its type first. There are many different kinds of visual template. They are:

  1. Picture or Photo Schedules. This schedule makes use of the picture icon to describe all the activities you will do. It might be effective for some. After getting done the activities, you might remove the picture or simply cross the pictures with your pen.
  2. ‘Word’ Schedules. After you get used to the picture, you might turn into word. Minimalize the picture use and start increasing the words to help you to read. It might need a process. At first, you will get difficulty in reading but soon after, you will use to do it.
  3. Check-off Schedules. In a check-off schedule, you will create a list of activity description you are going to do. You might use images, words, or the combination of both. After you have done your activities, you need to check off the list.

Sample Template Visual Schedule Implementation Guide

Finally, a visual schedule template sample has two more unmentioned types, portable and pull-off visual. They are almost the same as the three other types explained. They are practical and useful.

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