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Weekly Workout Schedule Template to Remind You to Do Exercises

Most of the people think that a workout is useful for those who want to lose their weight. Well, a workout means more than it. It might make you healthy and strong. Also, it could make you happy, too. To help you manage your workout schedule, you might need a weekly workout schedule template. It is useful not only to manage your workout but also to create a list of workout types you are going to do. If you need a printable weekly work schedule template, you could download it here on our website. We offer you several weekly workout templates in different designs and ideas. Well, let’s check it out in these following details!

Sample Template Weekly Workout Schedule for Beginners

Class Weekly Workout Schedule Template Printable

Here are some different class weekly workout schedule template printable ideas which might match your preference.

  1. Weekly Workout Schedule Design
  2. Simple Gym Workout Weekly Design
  3. Sample Weekly Workout Template at Home
  4. Simple Weekly Workout Template for Beginners
  5. Excel Format Workout Weekly Schedule
  6. Weekly Bodybuilding Workout Design in Pdf Format
  7. Weekly Workout Schedule for Professional in MS Word
  8. Business Weekly Workout Schedule to Print

From those eight templates, the first schedule must be the best one. It is simple, understandable, and informative. It has clear details such as workout overview, warm-up, cool-down, training sequences, day, related test, notes, etc. For a colorful design, go for the second choice. It looks a bit colorful since it uses the light blue font and highlighted color. Meanwhile, as for the personal purpose, the fifth selection seems to be the best, general one. You might also choose number four template if you are a beginner. Well, if you are a professional, a workout trainer, you might see option number seven. Finally, for a specific purpose such as for a business need, the last selection will match you best.

All of our samples weekly workout schedule templates come in the US standard language with A4 size. You, therefore, need to prepare for A4 paper size to print it out.

Creating A Weekly Work Schedule Alone

If you want to create a weekly workout schedule by yourself, you need to pay attention to some details here!

  1. The objective. It is a must to decide the objective before creating a workout plan. By having an objective, you will have a specific goal. For instance, you want to get lean muscles, strong body, or lose weight.
  2. The workout types. There are many kinds of workout such as a workout for chest, abs, back, triceps, biceps, shoulder, etc. You must make a list of it and divide it into different days so that your workout might be effective.
  3. The time duration frames. Remember that you are not only doing workouts but also other activities so that you must limit your workout time. Decide clearly about the start time and the end time of doing workouts. Do not forget to add the rest time, too.

Sample Template Weekly Workout Schedule

Finally, a weekly workout schedule template sample helps you to keep healthy and strong. Let you get your workout schedule here for free.

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